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An Afghan writer wrote: There is no visual clarity in most of his paintings. Each of his paintings is a journey into the depths of art Faridollah  Adib Ahein always has the philosophy of truth textures in his works And tries to incorporate new approaches into his art style And part of his subjects is completely coincidental, not the whole effect of how he paints more important than that.

ادیب نقاش افغان ترکمن نیوزFaridollah adib 2 300x211 - A look at the works of Faridollah Adib Ahein;  Prominent painter of AfghanistanWhat he paints. Faridollah Adib Ahein was born in Herat and is one of the leading painters in contemporary Afghan art His works that are exhibited have the highest audience attraction on visual exploration. Few artists can be found who  like Adib Ahein have gradually changed their artistic style and at the same time are

determined and loyal to their painting genre.

While others give up painting and replace it with technological tools Adib Ahein continues to work on the screen. Of course, nothing is obvious in art Faridollah Adib Ahein is aware

that no one like him has dealt with the issue of truth in Afghanistan with special skill. His works are always paintings about painting, interpretations of brush work, spatula, drawing and action from the basis of his art His subjects are the practice of self painting, its inspirations, the desire to reach the truth and real representations. Also, different colors and ways of using it are the focal points of his works According to him, his paintings lack public understanding of clarity. Each of his works is like a cover Which is drawn on something.

His painting is based on a special form of the world that can be seen through the eyes of the camera And every person still interprets from his own point of view. He himself considers this style as a sign of losing reality by not painting. And so his paintings, as in the paintings he produces with the most perfect technique, make the visible environment less visible. And attracts the audience, emphasizing that the work is not a copy but an artistic production.It makes him

think and think His expressions are conveyed in his works Even his abstract and subjective paintings not only do not want to produce unbridled expression but also express an irony of emotion. At first Adib Ahein did not have a part of his work in his mind before painting He produces a part of each of his works as he speaks. The calm atmosphere of his works should not distract the audience from the fact that he is one of the great contemporary artists of Afghanistan.

His position will make him one of the most unique great artists in the world day by day An object that lacks clear knowledge of the outside world or the inside world of the artist  With this description, Adib Ahein question contains two traditional claimsWhich have not been challenged for a long time: The first is that his paintings depict things as they are, and the second is that the works of art introduce the mental and inner insights of people to themselves. Adib Ahein always adheres to these

two principles. He even shows that the art of realism shows only a part of reality and may even distort reality.

Faridollah Adib Ahein also emphasizes that the painting of abstract expressionism is more the result of foresight and objective phenomena such as color and visual background. Until the discharge of any psychological energ Adib Ahein says that after the rise of opium in Afghanistan one of his works was welcomed by many painting critics because of its style. He never made a specific decision for a particular painting. His painting scenes fluctuate between celibacy and permissibility Adib Ahein is also opposed to any kind of ideology in terms of the content of painting His paintings belong to groups in the history of contemporary painting that work less than painters in this field. In other collections of his paintings from 2019 onwards, he portrayed the position of opium He wants to refer to political semantics in this type of painting;  But they look fragile. His opium status is also unique.

Faridollah Adib Ahein (born November 7, 1965 in the ancient city of Herat) is an Afghan engineer, inventor, creative innovator, entrepreneur, artist, painter, researcher, researcher and collector living in Iran. Adib Ahein is one of the leading painters of the Abstract Expressionist movement in Afghan post-conceptual art

And his genius is especially evident in Afghanistan. He has his own unique for his paintings with action, drawing, spraying techniques Adib Ahein Collection of Nasrollah Sarvari Paintings Ganjniyeh Honari  Themes (Cultural, Literary, Historical, Social, Political, Philosophical) and Facts have been portrayed in all angles of Afghanistan throughout contemporary history Adib Ahein is known for its collection of works of art, culture and history of Afghanistan. His collection has attracted the attention of many important museums in the world, especially in the Middle East.

Adib Ahein collection has been registered by the General Directorate of Museums of the Ministry

of Cultural Heritage of Iran as Azure Way Collection The main asset of Adib Ahein is his collection, which is worth two hundred and fifty million dollars. Adib Ahein had four inventions between 1981 and 1991 And on 6 – 6 – 1991  the invention of welding machine and plastic press on fabric by radio waves For the first time in the world For twenty years Registered in his own name And obtained a patent from the Companies Registration and Industrial Property Office (Iran) In the 1990s, Faridollah Adib Ahein became the operator and designer of telecommunication systems for mobile to fixed converters for Iran Telecommunication Company for six years. Adib Ahein has been the executor of several innovation projects And is now researching the development of intelligent crop irrigation control intelligence according to FAO Penman Monteith (ASCE) standards.

Author: Nematollah Sarvari

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